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Canadian Senate

Canada is close to ratifying the updated trade agreement with Ukraine, which involves expanding trade and investments

Brian Mulroney

Brian Mulroney, the premier who linked Canada with the U.S. through trade, dies at 85


In Canada, the province of Nova Scotia is suffering from heavy snowfalls up to 150 cm. An emergency situation has been declared, records have been broken since 1960, flights and schools are closed

Toronto, Canada

Canada has extended the ban on foreign home purchases until 2027 to curb price growth and protect the real estate market for local residents

Ancient fossils

Unique fossils of ancient trees dated 350 million years old have been discovered in New Brunswick. The find reveals details about early ecosystems and the development of vegetation on Earth

Girl with Canadian flag

The birth rate in Canada has dropped to a historic low of 1.33 children per woman. The age of mothers at the time of their first birth has increased, but the population continues to grow due to migration

Canadian Dollars

Canada will direct more than $362 million to housing for refugees, responding to calls for assistance from regional authorities and efforts to integrate migrants

Flag of Canada

Following Turkey's ratification of Sweden's membership in NATO, Canada is lifting restrictions on the supply of arms to Turkey, requiring guarantees of use


Storm "Gerrit" Led to Power Outages in Thousands of Homes and Damaged Hundreds of Buildings Due to a Tornado in Manchester

Refueling a Gasoline Car

Canada announces ban on sales of gasoline and diesel cars by 2035 as part of climate change fight