Houthi rebels capture Israeli ship in the Red Sea

Houthi rebels have captured the commercial vessel Galaxy Leader in the Red Sea, owned by an Israeli businessman, raising international concerns

Galaxy Leader
Galaxy Leader / Photo: Garitzko

The Israeli army confirmed that Houthi rebels captured the commercial vessel Galaxy Leader in the Red Sea near the coast of Yemen. This event has been described as a significant incident on a global scale.

The ship, owned by Israeli businessman Rami Unger and flying the flag of the Bahamas, had set sail from Turkey to India. It carried an international civilian crew of 22 people, but without any Israeli citizens.

Earlier, the "Al-Arabiya" channel reported the capture of the ship by the Houthis.

The Lebanese newspaper "Al-Akhbar," associated with Hezbollah, reported that the Houthis in Yemen have included all Israeli ships in their list of potential targets, including military and civilian vessels.

The newspaper also noted that a recent attack by the Houthis was aimed at oil tankers crossing the Red Sea, heading towards the Mediterranean Sea.

Additionally, the Houthis warned of the possibility of expanding their target list to include all American ships in the Red Sea. This threat was made in response to potential strikes by the United States on targets in Yemen.

Also, Houthi leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi announced on November 14 about a missile attack on Eilat and the use of drones against Israeli targets. He also warned of the readiness to attack any Israeli ship in the Red Sea.

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