New escalation on the Israel-Lebanon border: Hanita shelling

The military confrontation between Israel and Lebanon has resumed: Hezbollah attacked the border region, the Israeli army responded with a counterattack

Iron Dome
Iron Dome / Photo: Oren Rozen

Recently, there has been a renewal of military clashes on the Israel-Lebanon border. According to information provided by Al Jazeera, the Hezbollah group conducted a rocket and artillery shelling of several locations in the border area.

Specifically, there are reports of a strike on the kibbutz Hanita, which is an independent community in Israel with its own social and economic structure.

In response, the Israeli army carried out a counterattack on a number of aerial objects approaching Israel from Lebanese territory. One of these objects was successfully intercepted by the military.

The Israeli military also noted that additional attacks were carried out on their territory from Lebanon, to which a corresponding response was given.

As of now, there have been no official reports of casualties or injuries as a result of these incidents.


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