Israel transfers funds to evacuees: 150 million shekels for evacuated citizens

Israel transfers 150 million shekels to evacuees from the south and north

400 Shekels
400 Shekels / zeevveez CC BY 2.0 DEED

Today, approximately 150 million shekels will be transferred to the bank accounts of Israelis evacuated from southern and northern settlements who did not use officially organized accommodation in hotels.

The payment is intended for those who have applied for the corresponding aid. The next payment is scheduled for December 12, and to receive it, one must fill out a declaration on the website of the National Insurance Service.

As a result of the evacuation from settlements in the north and south, nearly a quarter of a million people were displaced. According to the government's decision, those who chose not to stay in state-paid hotels will receive daily payments: 200 shekels per adult and 100 shekels per child under 18.

For example, a childless couple can receive up to 12,000 shekels a month, while a family with two children can receive up to 18,000.

Minister of Tourism Haim Katz expressed his opinion that the grant program, initiated by the ministry, provides funding for tens of thousands of citizens forced to leave their homes and offers them flexibility in choosing housing.


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