17.07.2024 US
876 day since the barbaric invasion of Ukraine

Baltic leaders spend night in shelter in Kyiv, call for enhanced air defense for Ukraine

Edgars Rinkevichs and Ingrida Shimonyte spend night in bomb shelter due to drone attack on Kyiv, call for strengthening of Ukrainian air defense

Oleksandr Budariev
Edgars Rinkevichs and Volodymyr Zelenskyy
Edgars Rinkevics and Volodymyr Zelenskyy / Photo: president.gov.ua

Latvian President Edgars Rinkevichs and Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Shimonyte spent six hours overnight in a shelter due to a large-scale drone attack on Kyiv.

In response, they called on the international community to provide Ukraine with more air defense resources to protect the country and its citizens.

Rinkevichs emphasized at a press conference in Kyiv that despite the successful repulsion of the attack by Ukrainian military, it is necessary to strengthen Ukraine's support with military equipment and ammunition.

He also stated his intention to discuss this issue on international platforms, including the EU and NATO.

This statement followed after Russian forces launched 75 drones at Ukraine, of which 74 were destroyed by the Ukrainian Air Forces.

Massive Drone Attack on November 25

On the night of November 25, Kyiv experienced the most extensive drone attack since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

Serhiy Popko, Head of the Kyiv City Military Administration, reported that this was the fourth attack on the capital this month, coinciding with the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holodomor, which Popko interpreted as a continuation of genocide by Russia.

The enemy used "Shahed" type unmanned aerial vehicles, attacking the city in waves and from different directions.

Nearly 50 drones were shot down by Ukrainian air defense forces.

As a result of the attack and the falling debris in various areas of Kyiv, there were damages and fires, including in residential buildings and a kindergarten, but no serious injuries to civilians.

Also, due to the attack, 77 residential buildings and 120 institutions were left without electricity. Restoration work is ongoing.


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