17.07.2024 US
876 day since the barbaric invasion of Ukraine

Large-scale march against antisemitism in London draws 60,000 people

In London, a major march against antisemitism took place, attracting thousands, including former Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Oleksandr Budariev
London, illustrative photo / Photo: pixabay.com

In London on Sunday, a large-scale march against antisemitism took place, drawing thousands of participants. According to the charity Campaign Against Antisemitism, the number of participants reached 60,000, making it the largest event of its kind since the start of the conflict between Israel and HAMAS in October.

Among those present was former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, accompanied by his family.

The rally, which began near the Royal Court, attracted people of all ages who expressed their support by waving placards and flags with slogans about the rejection of antisemitism and solidarity with British Jews.

The day before this event, a major pro-Palestinian demonstration took place in London, where participants called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

Before the start of the action, police arrested a person for spreading Nazi symbolism, which was seen as incitement to racial hatred.

During the event, police actively warned participants about the consequences of breaking the law, especially in light of the government's increased concern about antisemitism during protests.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police Ade Adelekan expressed determination to arrest anyone who exhibits racism, supports HAMAS or other banned organizations, as well as those who promote terrorism or spread hate speech.

March for Peace in France

Last Sunday in Paris, a silent march for peace between Israel and Palestine, as well as for the unity of France, took place.

The event was attended by well-known French cultural figures, including actresses Isabelle Adjani and Emmanuelle Béart, as well as singers and other representatives of culture.

The march went from the Arab World Institute to the Museum of Art and History of Judaism.

Actress Nadia Farès noted that while the sun shines in Paris, war is ongoing in Israel and Palestine, and expressed hope that the silence of the march contrasts with the cacophony that reigns in the world.

In France, where a significant number of Jews and Muslims live, there are protests and tensions due to the conflict between Israel and HAMAS.

The French government is striving for a ceasefire and providing humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza, as well as seeking the release of hostages held by HAMAS. President Macron is conducting diplomatic negotiations with the leaders of Israel, Palestine, Qatar, and Egypt. Similar protests are taking place in other countries around the world.


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