17.06.2024 US
845 day since the barbaric invasion of Ukraine

France wins Junior Eurovision for the third time

Zoé Clouzier brought France the victory in the 21st Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Nice, performing the song 'Cœur'

Oleksandr Budariev

France won the 21st Junior Eurovision Song Contest held in Nice, thanks to Zoé Clouzier's performance of the song "Cœur". This marks the country's third victory in the history of its participation in this contest.

Second place was awarded to Spanish singer Sandra Valero, and third place to the Armenian group Yan Girls. Ukrainian participant, 9-year-old Anastasia Dimid, took fifth place with the song "Kvitka".

Zoé Clouzier, a young pianist and songwriter from Montrouge, previously reached the semi-final stage in the French edition of the children's version of "The Voice" in 2020. She not only composes her own songs and music but also records them using Logic Pro software.

In 2022, at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Armenia, another French participant, Lissandro, won with the song "Oh Maman!", while Ukraine finished in ninth place.

Junior Eurovision

Junior Eurovision is an international song contest first held in 2003. Created in the image of the adult Eurovision Song Contest, it offers young talents aged 9 to 14 the opportunity to present their songs on an international stage.

The contest, organized by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), quickly became popular, attracting participants from many European countries and even beyond.

Each year, the contest gathers young performers who represent their countries with original songs. These performances are judged by both a professional jury and television viewers across Europe.

Junior Eurovision not only fosters the development of young talents but also promotes cultural exchange and mutual understanding among participating countries. Unlike the adult contest, here more emphasis is placed on friendship, mutual support, and fun competition, rather than fierce rivalry.

Over time, Junior Eurovision has become a platform for launching the careers of many young artists. Some participants have even progressed to participating in the adult Eurovision Song Contest, demonstrating significant growth and development of their talents. This contest also fosters the creative abilities of children, inspiring them to compose music and lyrics, as well as to improve their vocal and performance skills.


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