First 3-year ocean cruise canceled just one week before departure

Life at Sea Cruises has canceled a unique three-year cruise one week before its start due to failure in acquiring the cruise ship AIDAaura, promises refunds to passengers

Cruise Ship AIDAaura
Cruise Ship AIDAaura, Illustrative Photo / Photo: Trondheim Havn, CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED

The planned, first in history three-year ocean cruise was canceled one week before departure.

The company Life at Sea Cruises, which organized this event, admitted that it did not have a ship for the cruise and promised to refund the participants.

Originally, the cruise was to start in Istanbul on November 1st, but was postponed to November 11th with a change of departure location to Amsterdam, and then to November 30th.

A total of 111 cabins were booked, and many passengers who had already arrived in Istanbul were left without accommodation, having sold or rented out their homes in anticipation of the cruise.

The cancellation was caused by a failure to acquire the cruise ship AIDAaura, which the company planned to buy and refurbish. The deal was delayed, and eventually another company, Celestyal Cruises, acquired the liner.

Life at Sea Cruises explained that it was unable to financially secure the purchase due to investor withdrawal, which they say was related to events in the Middle East.

The cruise was envisioned as a unique journey, covering 375 ports in 135 countries, with visits to most of the world's wonders and offerings for digital nomads. It included access to ship amenities such as restaurants, spa, pool, internet, and entertainment programs.

Ultimate World Cruise

The longest cruise in the world, named "Ultimate World Cruise", lasted an impressive 245 days, or about eight months. The journey began in August 2019 and covered six continents, 51 countries, and 111 ports.

Viking Sun
Viking Sun, Illustrative Photo / Photo: Andrew, CC BY 2.0 DEED

Throughout the route, passengers could enjoy shore excursions, visiting cultural and historical landmarks in each port. This cruise offered a unique opportunity to explore many corners of the world, from major cities to remote islands. For instance, the itinerary included London, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Mumbai, Los Angeles, and many other places.

The ship used for this cruise provided passengers with a high level of comfort and a variety of entertainment. Onboard were several restaurants, spa centers, fitness clubs, libraries, swimming pools, and other amenities. During the long journey, passengers were also offered educational lectures and seminars, allowing them not only to relax but also to expand their knowledge of the world.

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