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Volkswagen launches affordable electric vehicles on MEB platform

Volkswagen is developing a new series of I.D. electric vehicles on the modular MEB platform for the Chinese market, with prices under $20,000 and a range of up to 500 km

Oleksandr Budariev
Volkswagen Modular Electric Drive Toolkit
Volkswagen Modular Electric Drive Toolkit / Photo: volkswagen-newsroom.com

Recently, Volkswagen representatives announced the development of a new, more affordable platform for entry-level electric vehicles, intended for the Chinese market. These electric vehicles will be priced under $20,000. The company aims to strengthen its presence in China by using this new platform, which will be based on local components to reduce costs.

As part of this project, Volkswagen opened a new development and procurement center for electric vehicles in Hefei, with an investment of about $1.1 billion, creating over 2000 jobs. The new platform, known as the "Main Platform," will be based on the existing Modular Electric Drive Toolkit (MEB) and is planned to launch in 2026, which is a third faster than the initial plans.

Volkswagen representative Ralph Brandstätter noted that in China, price is a key factor for the electric vehicle market, necessitating cost optimization. The price reduction of the Volkswagen ID.3 model in China has already led to a significant increase in sales.

Volkswagen I.D. on the Innovative Modular Electric Drive Platform (MEB)

Volkswagen is developing a new line of I.D. vehicles, based on the innovative modular electric drive platform (MEB).

This series includes electric vehicles of various classes, specifically designed to operate solely on electricity, with the ability to travel up to 500 km or more on a single charge.

The MEB platform radically transforms both electric vehicles and the overall approach to automotive design.

It is completely free from outdated elements associated with fossil fuels and is entirely focused on electric vehicles. This leads to profound changes in the exterior and interior design of the vehicles, their layout, and the characteristics of the powertrains in Volkswagen's electric vehicle lineup.

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