17.07.2024 US
876 day since the barbaric invasion of Ukraine

Storm "Gerrit" Left Thousands of Homes Without Power and Caused a Tornado in Britain

Storm "Gerrit" Led to Power Outages in Thousands of Homes and Damaged Hundreds of Buildings Due to a Tornado in Manchester

Oleksandr Budariev

In the United Kingdom, a natural disaster caused by storm "Gerrit" led to widespread power outages.

The energy company has already restored electricity supply to more than 30,000 subscribers, but approximately 14,000 homes are still without power.

Experts warn that in some remote rural areas, where roads are damaged and flooding is present, the full restoration of power networks may be delayed for a couple of days.

It is particularly noteworthy that a tornado struck the outskirts of Manchester on the night of December 27, damaging about a hundred homes. Tornado hits

Fortunately, as reported by the police, there are no casualties, but rescue services have received numerous reports of destruction.

As a result, many residents were forced to leave their homes until the stability of the buildings could be checked.

The authorities are also urging drivers to exercise caution on roads where falling branches and other obstacles may be encountered.

In addition, about two hundred flood warnings have been issued across the country.

Earlier, in anticipation of worsening weather conditions, many trains were canceled, as well as nearly twenty domestic and international flights.


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