17.06.2024 US
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Nova to Update App and Services in 2024: New Opportunities for Clients

Nova has announced the update of its app and the improvement of services in 2024. Plans include new features for parcel tracking, a reboot of courier delivery, and enhanced service at branches

Oleksandr Budariev
Nova / novapost.com

The Nova group of companies, represented by co-owner Vladimir Poperechnyuk, has announced the upcoming update of its mobile application.

This update, scheduled for late winter or early spring, will include new services that will allow clients to manage their parcels more effectively.

Poperechnyuk wants to give users the ability to track the location of their parcels in real-time, comparing it to joystick control.

However, due to security concerns, the "parcel on the map" feature has not yet been implemented. Plans include developing this feature in Europe and its subsequent introduction in Ukraine after victory.

Poperechnyuk also emphasized plans to improve the customer experience at Nova branches throughout 2024.

This includes updating individual processes, raising the level of service, and constructing a network of coworking spaces with cafes inside the branches.

Furthermore, improvements in working conditions for employees are envisaged, including the introduction of electronic assistants for operators, which should reduce queues.

In addition, Nova plans to reform its courier delivery in 2024, aiming to accelerate the delivery process and increase control over couriers and parcels.

Poperechnyuk clarified that currently 90% of parcels are delivered to branches, and 8% through address delivery, a significant change compared to the first ten years of the company's operation when it only carried out door-to-door delivery.

Nova Created the Online Platform NovaTech

NovaTech is an online platform designed for collaboration with partners in the development of products and services, along with the company's research and development department.

This project involves collaboration in areas such as robotics, sorting, customer service, artificial intelligence in service, computer vision, next-generation packaging, including cyclic and isothermal, new branch services, and electric or other alternative transport for parcel delivery.

Additionally, an offline NovaTech studio for working on new products has been organized in Kyiv, which is an open innovation space with coworking, a laboratory, an exhibition hall, and an office.


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