Olaf Scholz in Washington Discusses Solidarity and Support for Ukraine Against Russian Aggression

Olaf Scholz's visit to the USA emphasizes Western solidarity and critical support for Ukraine. Discussion on strengthening NATO and preventing the division of allies

Olaf Scholz with US senators
Olaf Scholz with US senators / twitter.com/Bundeskanzler

During his trip to Washington, the head of the German government, Olaf Scholz, held meetings with American legislators, where they discussed additional support for Ukraine.

Through social network X, Scholz shared his impressions of the meeting, noting unity and readiness to help Ukraine withstand Russian invasion.

Scholz arrived in the US capital the day before and is expected to meet with US President Joe Biden today. The main point of discussion is expected to be support for Ukraine.

Before his arrival in the United States, Olaf Scholz wrote an article for "The Wall Street Journal" in which he expressed concern about a possible Russian victory over Ukraine, emphasizing the critical importance of continuing support for Kyiv.

In his address, Scholz highlighted the risks to the international order and security of Europe that a potential Russian success in this war would entail.

He pointed out the necessity of supporting Ukraine, strengthening NATO, and resisting Russia's attempts to divide allies.

According to Scholz, a Russian victory would not only destroy Ukraine as an independent state but also deeply change the European continent, threatening the foundations of the liberal world order.

He emphasized the importance of conveying to Russia the West's readiness for long-term support of Ukraine, which could lead to a quicker end to the conflict.

The Chancellor also expressed concerns about a potential shortage of weapons and ammunition in Ukraine and highlighted that the consequences and costs of failing to stop the aggression would be much higher than the current investments in support.

It was previously reported that the head of the German government, Olaf Scholz, called on the states of the European Union to enhance support for Ukraine, pointing out the insufficiency of German efforts alone.

Also, the "Alliance of Sara Wagenknecht" in Germany advocates for stopping military aid to Ukraine and lifting sanctions against Russia. It calls for the creation of a new system of international relations in Europe with the participation of Russia and condemns the current foreign policy of the European Union.

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