Eurovision 2024 in Malmö: Radical Changes to Rules for Viewers and Participants

Eurovision 2024 in Malmö will introduce three innovations: live performances by the "Big Five", early voting, and the participation of viewers from other countries

Loreen / Anders Henrikson, CC BY 2.0 DEED

In May 2024, Malmö (Sweden) will host the 68th Eurovision Song Contest. This year, three significant changes are expected that will affect both viewers and participants, according to information from SVT, the Swedish national broadcasting company.

The first change affects the countries of the "Big Five" - France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, as well as Sweden as the host country.


Previously, their representatives did not perform live in the semifinals, but now they will have to perform their compositions live on air.

According to organizers, this will ensure equal conditions for all participants before the final and will allow viewers to see all performances live.

The second innovation concerns the voting system in the final: now, voting for participants can be done immediately after the first performer takes the stage, rather than after all performances, as was previously the case.

The goal is to enhance viewer engagement from the start.

The third update allows fans from countries not participating in the contest to take part in voting.

They can vote for almost a day after the second dress rehearsal of each semifinal and the final.

This is done so that the interest of viewers from around the world can be considered without the need to disrupt their sleep schedule.

Eurovision 2023

Let's recall that the winner of the international contest "Eurovision 2023," which took place in Liverpool, was Swedish singer Loreen.

This is already the second victory for Loreen at this prestigious contest, having previously won in 2012.

This time, her composition scored 583 points, outpacing competitors thanks to her unique voice and expressive performance.

Returning to the Eurovision stage after so many years and once again taking first place is indeed an impressive achievement for the performer.

It was previously reported that the Ukrainian documentary "20 Days in Mariupol" was awarded the Oscar prize, becoming the first film from Ukraine to receive this award. At the same time, the film "Oppenheimer" won seven Oscar statuettes, including for Best Film.


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