The Pentagon has warned that it is concerned about the delay in US aid to Ukraine

The US acknowledges the risk of worsening situation in Ukraine due to aid delays and highlights the bravery of Ukrainians in the fight

General Patrick Ryder
General Patrick Ryder / Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, CC BY 2.0 DEED

General Patrick Ryder, representing the US Department of Defense, expressed deep concern about the delays in providing aid to Ukraine. This was reported by Radio Liberty.

According to him, these delays not only increase the risks on the battlefield for Ukraine but can also lead to the situation worsening every day.


Ryder emphasized that Ukrainian military personnel are showing courage and innovation in confronting aggression from Russia, maintaining positions on most of the front line.

He also declared the unwavering support of the US, underlining the need for cooperation with Congress to speed up aid to Ukraine.

The general expressed hope that with enhanced support, Ukraine will be able to not only defend its territories but also regain control over occupied lands.

It was previously revealed that the US is preparing to announce a new military aid package for Ukraine, valued at $300 million, which will include long-range ATACMS missiles and artillery weapons.

Furthermore, Germany, in cooperation with the European Union, will boost its support for Ukraine, providing military assistance amounting to 500 million euros. The aid package will include ammunition, artillery systems, and infantry fighting vehicles, aimed at strengthening Ukraine's defensive capabilities.


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