In Switzerland, owning a home is a luxury for two-thirds of the population

In Switzerland, only 36% of households own their home; the average rent for a 4-room apartment exceeds 1600 francs

Houses in Switzerland
Houses in Switzerland, illustrative photo / Ben Ramirez, CC BY 2.0 DEED

In Switzerland, according to data published by Blick and based on information from the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (BFS), only 36% of private households own their own homes or apartments, which accounts for approximately 1.4 million real estate properties.

This indicates that the majority of the country's residents—two-thirds—cannot afford to own their own homes.


While 2.4 million families rent their homes, the average cost of renting a 4-room apartment reaches 1622 francs per month, and for new housing in condominiums built less than two years ago, the price is even higher—2138 francs.

It is noted that in 2023, 45% of all rented apartments in Switzerland were part of multi-apartment buildings, with 43% of them being small one- and two-room apartments.

In major cities, and especially in Zurich, the cost of rent was the highest, where the average rent for a 4-room apartment is 1997 francs per month.

Conversely, in the canton of Geneva, most apartments are occupied by their owners, and only about 25% of housing is rented out.

Greece previously announced a fight against the housing market crisis, introducing new regulations for the short-term rental platform Airbnb, which will take effect in the fall of 2024, as announced by Prime Minister Mitsotakis. These measures are designed to address the problem of long-term housing rentals.

It was also reported that Cara Delevingne, a well-known model and actress, lost her home in Los Angeles as a result of a fire, during which two firefighters were injured.


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