Neolithic Canoes Discovered Near Italy, Over 7,000 Years Old

Archaeologists found 5 ancient canoes near Rome, dated between 5700-5100 BC, evidencing advanced Neolithic technologies

Excavation of canoes in La Marmotta settlement, Italy
Excavation of canoes in La Marmotta settlement, Italy / Gibaja et al., CC-BY 4.0

As part of archaeological excavations in La Marmotta, an ancient coastal settlement now underwater near the Italian shores, five ancient canoes were uncovered.

These findings, as confirmed by radiocarbon analysis, were crafted from elm, oak, poplar, and European beech trees between 5700 and 5100 BC.


These vessels presumably belonged to inhabitants of a Neolithic settlement located near modern Rome, who used them for fishing and moving through water over 7,000 years ago.

Scientists highlight that the construction of the canoes involved advanced technologies, including cross-bracing of the hull, which increased their reliability and durability.

Beyond the boats themselves, other artifacts were found: flint and obsidian tools, ceramic pottery, figurines, and ornaments, indicating a high level of cultural development at the time.

The study, the results of which are published in the scientific journal PLOS One, unveils the level of ancient technology in using natural materials and the ability of ancient people to adapt to their environment, mastering water spaces for their needs.

Previously in New Zealand, a new species of dolphin with unique curved teeth, which lived in the region 22-23 million years ago, was discovered.

We also wrote that in New Brunswick, Canada, fossils of the oldest trees were found, estimated to be 350 million years old, offering a unique opportunity to learn more about early ecosystems and the development of the plant world on Earth.


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