Barcelona Increases Tourist Tax from April: Prices Will Rise for Vacationers

From April 2024, Barcelona will raise the tourist tax: in five-star hotels up to 6.75 euros per night

Barcelona /

Beginning in April 2024, the size of the tourist tax in Barcelona will increase, as part of the local authorities' strategy to attract higher quality tourism and improve the city's infrastructure. It is reported on the website of the Barcelona Municipal Finance Institute.

The increase applies to both local and regional taxes levied on tourists for staying in hotels and rented accommodations.


For example, staying in five-star hotels will now cost 6.75 euros more per night, amounting to 47.25 euros per week, while in rented accommodation, the fee will be 5.50 euros per night, or 38.50 euros per week.

Tourists on cruise liners will pay between 2 to 3 euros depending on the duration of their stay in the city.

The tax increase will allow the city's treasury to gain additional revenue of about 100 million euros in 2024, which will go towards financing the city's infrastructure.

This decision follows the introduction of an additional tax for tourists in 2012, which is now being increased.

Not only Barcelona, but other tourist regions of Spain, including the Balearic Islands and Valencia, are implementing similar measures to regulate the flow of tourists and improve the quality of leisure.

It was previously reported that in response to problems with hooligan behavior by tourists, Majorca sets fines of up to 3000 euros for drunkenness and vandalism. The aim of these measures is to transform the island into an attractive destination for family vacations.

Also, in response to the housing crisis in Greece, from the autumn of 2024 new regulatory measures for the Airbnb platform are being introduced, announced by Prime Minister Mitsotakis. These changes are aimed at improving the situation with long-term housing rentals in the country.


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