Instagram and Threads introduce a filter to limit political content

Meta Platforms introduced a feature to reduce political content on Instagram and Threads

Smartphone with Instagram app
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Meta Platforms, the corporation that owns Facebook and Instagram, has introduced a new option for its Instagram and Threads users, allowing them to reduce the amount of political content in their feeds and recommendations.

According to The Verge, a new feature called "Limit political content from people you don't follow" is now available under the "Content Settings" section in Instagram account settings, which is by default activated and also applies to Threads through a shared account system with Instagram.


Meta clarified that the innovation is aimed at improving the user experience, preventing political content from appearing in recommendations during crisis moments, although it does not eliminate its complete disappearance, leaving the possibility to see such materials from subscribed accounts.

Earlier on Monday, the European Commission launched legal proceedings against Apple, Google, and Meta, accusing them of violating the new "Digital Markets Act," which aims to limit their dominance in the digital sphere and promote fair competition.

This law, which provides for serious fines and the possibility of closing companies for its violation, was introduced recently and seeks to break the monopoly of tech giants, allowing European tech companies to compete more effectively.

Among the main accusations are restrictions imposed by Apple and Google on access to information from third parties and hindering users in choosing web browsers and search engines, as well as Meta's model forcing users to pay for opting out of targeted advertising.

Previously, Microsoft announced an innovation in Windows 11, introducing hot patching technology, which will allow users to update the operating system without needing to reboot the device and will make the OS reinstallation process simpler and faster.


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