Social network X introduces mandatory labels for age-restricted content

Social network X will start tagging "adult" content in communities, planning in this way to improve the platform's safety

Logo of social network X
Logo of social network X / BoliviaInteligente, Unsplash

Social network X, which is owned by businessman Elon Musk, is distinguished from other platforms by the ability to share age-restricted materials.

An important innovation on the platform involves the requirement of labeling for such materials.


If content not intended for a general audience or considered "for adults" only is posted in communities on platform X, creators will need to appropriately tag the materials.

Dong Wook Chung, who holds the position of senior engineer at X, explained that the innovation is aimed at enhancing safety: only those users who specify their age will gain access to searching such communities.

This decision is part of the updated rules requiring mandatory labeling of communities with "adult" content, otherwise such content may be removed by the system.

It was previously reported that Meta Platforms is launching a new feature that will allow Instagram and Threads users to limit the appearance of political content in their feeds.


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