19.06.2024 US
848 day since the barbaric invasion of Ukraine

Greece is building the largest Smart City in Europe: Ellinikon

Construction of Ellinikon — the largest Smart City in Europe — has started in Athens, and by Christmas 2026, it will become home to 20,000 residents

Oleksandr Budariev
Ellinikon / theellinikon.com.gr

Work is underway in the Greek capital to create a new city, Ellinikon, aimed at embodying the Smart City concept — the largest in Europe.

The city promises to transform into an oasis with extensive green plantings, which are currently severely limited in Athens.

In Ellinikon, the Marina Tower is already under construction — the country's future first skyscraper. Seven multi-apartment buildings in the complex have already found their buyers, and by Christmas 2026, 20,000 residents are expected to move into their new apartments.

This project supports the "15-minute city" concept: schools, parks, offices, shops, and beaches will be accessible to all residents within a quarter-hour walk.

Innovative systems for waste management, water supply, and electricity are planned for the neighborhood.

By the end of 2025, a sports complex with football fields, tennis courts, and swimming pools will open here.

Ellinikon / theellinikon.com.gr

The history of the area where Ellinikon is now being built is rich: before the land was purchased in 2014, there were ruins of an old airport with remaining airplanes and migrants and refugees lived there.

Nightclubs and abandoned sports facilities also operated on the beach.

Upon completion of construction in 2037, the project will create about 80,000 new jobs and attract more than a million tourists per year, increasing tax revenues by more than 10 billion euros.

It was previously reported that starting in the fall of 2024, Greece will implement new regulations for the Airbnb service, announced by Prime Minister Mitsotakis as part of efforts to solve the long-term rental housing crisis.


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