19.06.2024 US
848 day since the barbaric invasion of Ukraine

Israel Launches ETA System for Tourists from the USA and Germany, Expanding Digital Borders

PIBA's decision to implement the ETA system will help pre-screen tourists and enhance border security in Israel.

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Ben Gurion Airport
Ben Gurion Airport / GeorgeDement, CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED

Within two days, the Population and Immigration Authority of Israel will launch the ETA system designed to check entry applications for tourists arriving in Israel with passports from the USA and Germany.

This step will allow authorities to obtain information about passengers before they board the plane, and in case of issues preventing entry, the tourist will be directed to the Israeli consulate in their country.

Main Goals of the ETA System

The system has several goals: ensuring security, improving migration control, and enhancing service quality. It will also prevent unpleasant situations for tourists whose entry visa may be denied upon arrival.

Currently, the ETA system is already used in countries such as the USA, Canada, and Australia, and its further expansion to the European Union countries is planned.

Implementation Stages and Pilot Project

The first stage of the pilot project will begin on June 1 with the participation of the USA and Germany. Based on the results of the pilot, necessary adjustments will be made to the system.

A special service center has been created for tourists facing difficulties or needing additional information.

Expansion to Other Countries and Service Cost

From July 1, the system will be expanded to all countries with which Israel has a visa-free agreement. After the first year of trials, during which the service will be free, the cost will be about 25 shekels.

Comment from the Director General of PIBA

The Director General of the Population and Immigration Authority, Eyal Siso, noted: "The implementation of the ETA-IL system brings us to the forefront of digital technologies, alongside countries like the USA, Australia, and Canada. The goal of the process is to prevent unpleasant situations for tourists whose visa may be denied in advance. Additionally, the system will enhance Israel's national security. The pilot project will begin for citizens of the USA and Germany, followed by other visa-free countries."

Detailed information about the process can be found on the Population and Immigration Authority's pages in various languages.

Earlier, Miri Regev, Israel's Minister of Transport, discussed with airlines Arkia, Israir, and El Al measures to reduce prices and increase the number of flights following the suspension of EasyJet flights to Israel.

Also, it was announced that Haifa Airport will be closed for a month and a half for reconstruction to prepare for the launch of international flights and flights to Eilat, scheduled for July.


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