19.06.2024 US
848 day since the barbaric invasion of Ukraine

Macron announces early elections in France after defeat in European Parliament elections

French President Emmanuel Macron dissolves the National Assembly and schedules new elections for June 30, in response to his party's defeat in the European Parliament elections.

Oleksandr Budariev
Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron / Photo: Frame from video @EmmanuelMacron / Youtube

French President Emmanuel Macron has decided to dissolve the National Assembly and schedule early elections for June 30. This decision was prompted by the unfavorable results for his party in the European Parliament elections, which took place on Sunday.

After the National Assembly, headed by 28-year-old Jordan Bardella, became the largest party in the European Parliament, Macron stated that he could not ignore the results of the vote.

He noted that the victory of nationalists poses a threat to France and Europe as a whole.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin acknowledged the defeat in the elections and stated that it is now necessary to understand why the government failed to heed the opinions of the French people.

Although Macron will remain as president, he may have to work with a stronger opposition in parliament.

Let us recall that the presidential elections in France are held separately from parliamentary elections, and Macron was re-elected for a second term in 2022.

The first wave of new parliamentary elections will take place on June 30, with the second round scheduled for July 7.

The leader of the "National Rally" party, Marine Le Pen, whose party gained the majority in the European Parliament elections, declared readiness for new elections in France.

Le Pen called the results of the European Parliament elections historic and expressed hope for public support in the upcoming National Assembly elections.

The European Commission presented forecasts on the composition of the new European Parliament, based on preliminary data from 23 countries and polls in four others. Results have come in from countries such as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Finland, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden. In countries such as France, Italy, and Poland, the data is based on pre-election polls.

Voter turnout is projected to be around 51%. The composition of the parliament is predicted with consideration of the current political groups, but without accounting for potential changes. Parties not affiliated with major political groups are temporarily classified under the "Others" category.

Forecast for seats in the European Parliament 2024-2029
Forecast for seats in the European Parliament 2024-2029 / Photo: results.elections.europa.eu

Detailed forecasts and national results are available on the website https://results.elections.europa.eu, where you can find information on the number of seats in the parliament by country and political group and compare the results.


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