17.06.2024 US
845 day since the barbaric invasion of Ukraine


Participants of the Peace Summit in Switzerland

Swiss peace summit on Ukraine: key takeaways and joint communique

The summit in Switzerland discussed pathways to peace in Ukraine, reaffirmed international law, and called for safe navigation and the release of prisoners of war.

Brigitte Macron, Emmanuel Macron, Joe Biden, Jill Biden in France

Visit of the U.S. President to France: Support for Ukraine and Strengthening NATO

The Presidents of the United States and France discussed measures to support Ukraine and strengthen NATO security, reaffirming their commitment to defending freedom and democracy.

Ben Gurion Airport

Israel Launches ETA System for Tourists from the USA and Germany, Expanding Digital Borders

PIBA's decision to implement the ETA system will help pre-screen tourists and enhance border security in Israel.

Joe Biden

Biden condemns Israel for the death of WCK workers in Gaza and demands an investigation

U.S. President Biden criticizes Israel for an airstrike in Gaza and calls for a thorough investigation of the death of WCK workers

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu cancels trip to the USA due to UN resolution on Gaza

Israel rejects the delegation's trip to the USA following the UN ceasefire resolution in Gaza, active military operations are underway

Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve maintains the rate at 5.25-5.5%, as the market expected

The Federal Reserve keeps the key rate unchanged, aiming to reduce inflation and support employment

General Patrick Ryder

The Pentagon has warned that it is concerned about the delay in US aid to Ukraine

The US acknowledges the risk of worsening situation in Ukraine due to aid delays and highlights the bravery of Ukrainians in the fight

The Wall Street Bull

American indices are on the rise: Fed and corporate news have spiked interest

US indices grow ahead of the Fed meeting and news from major companies

Sam Altman

SEC investigates potential deception of OpenAI investors during the crisis with Altman

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission is examining whether OpenAI misled investors when Sam Altman was suspended from his position

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen

Interest rates in the US may not return to pre-pandemic levels - Yellen

Janet Yellen doubts the return of interest rates in the US to pre-pandemic levels due to inflation and the rise in bond yields

US Flag

The US to announce new military aid to Ukraine worth $300 million, including ATACMS missiles

The US plans to announce a new aid package for Ukraine worth $300 million, including long-range missiles and artillery

Olaf Scholz mit US-Senatoren

Olaf Scholz in Washington Discusses Solidarity and Support for Ukraine Against Russian Aggression

Olaf Scholz's visit to the USA emphasizes Western solidarity and critical support for Ukraine. Discussion on strengthening NATO and preventing the division of allies

United Nations Security Council

UN Postpones Vote on Gaza Resolution, Seeks Compromise

The United Nations Security Council has once again postponed the vote on a resolution to cease fire in Gaza, aiming to avoid a U.S. veto. Efforts are focused on the humanitarian crisis and ceasefire negotiations

American missile destroyer USS Carney

Triumph of Technology: How the American Missile Destroyer USS Carney Defeated Kamikaze Drones

The American destroyer successfully shot down 14 kamikaze drones launched by the Houthi rebels from Yemen, ensuring security in the region. A British ship is assisting merchant vessels, ensuring their safety at sea