20.06.2024 US
848 day since the barbaric invasion of Ukraine


Emmanuel Macron

Macron announces early elections in France after defeat in European Parliament elections

French President Emmanuel Macron dissolves the National Assembly and schedules new elections for June 30, in response to his party's defeat in the European Parliament elections.

Peter Pellegrini

Peter Pellegrini won the presidential elections in Slovakia

Pellegrini won the Slovak presidential election, receiving 53.12% of the votes against 46.87% for Korchok

Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Freedom Party

Officially: Wilders' Freedom Party takes top positions in the Dutch Parliament

In the parliamentary elections in the Netherlands, the far-right PVV of Geert Wilders won, securing 37 seats; Rutte's VVD took third place

Donald Tusk

Politico: Donald Tusk – a key figure in Europe's changes

Politico highlights Donald Tusk as a symbol of change in Europe, describing his fight for democracy and European values

Javier Milei

Libertarian and "chainsaw economist" Javier Milei wins Argentine election

Javier Milei, an economist and libertarian, becomes the President of Argentina, winning 56% of the votes amidst an economic crisis