17.07.2024 US
876 day since the barbaric invasion of Ukraine

War in Israel

Daniel Hagari

In Israel, Iran is accused of supporting attacks on four fronts

Israel accuses Iran of escalating conflict on four fronts, threatening long-term security in the region

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu cancels trip to the USA due to UN resolution on Gaza

Israel rejects the delegation's trip to the USA following the UN ceasefire resolution in Gaza, active military operations are underway

Tunnel in Gaza

Israel Floods Gaza Tunnels: Balancing Security and Risks to People and Ecology

Israel is using seawater to flood tunnels in Gaza, raising concerns among U.S. authorities and experts about the impact on human lives and the environment, including potential contamination of water resources

Gaza Strip

IDF destroys Hamas tunnels ahead of ceasefire in Gaza

The IDF announced the destruction of Hamas tunnels in the Al-Shifa hospital area as part of operational preparations ahead of a four-day ceasefire

400 Shekels

Israel transfers funds to evacuees: 150 million shekels for evacuated citizens

Israel transfers 150 million shekels to evacuees from the south and north